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A Kindergarten Teachers Birthday

A Kindergarten Teachers Birthday

A kindergarten teacher is having her birthday and three of her students decided to bring her a gift.

The first students was little Timmy and his dad owned a Candy Store.

Timmy walked up to his teacher and handed her a nice little gift wrapped box

The teacher thanked the student and told him, she wanted to see if she could guess what was in the box.

The little boy excitedly agreed and after about twenty seconds the teacher said, “Is it candy!?” – The little boy surprisingly and a little disappointed walked back to his desk.

The second student was Taylor and her dad owned a kitchen appliance store

She walked up to her teacher with a fancily wrapped box about the size of a Football.

The teacher took the box and asked if she could try to guess what was in the box – Taylor excitedly agreed and handed the package over to her teacher.

The teacher stood there thinking for about forty five seconds then said, “Is it a Toaster!?” – The little girl was surprised and asked the teacher how she knew

The teacher smiled wide, thanked the student, and Taylor returned to her desk.

The third student was Sarah and her dad owned a winery

She walked up to the teacher with a box that was a little bigger than the teacher was expecting.

The teacher smiled and asked if she could guess what was in the box

Sarah happily agreed, and handed over the box to her teacher.

 At this point, the entire classroom wanted to know if the teacher was going to get it right

The teacher started thinking, – the box felt a little lopsided, but she figured the gift just hadn't been packaged well.

After about a minute the teacher noticed little yellow drops coming from the side of the box.

The teacher excitedly said, “Is it wine!?” and proceeded to taste some of the dripping liquid.

The student smiled, and said, “No It's a puppy!”