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A Valid Reason

A Valid Reason

I got the craving for a McDonald's Big Mac about a week ago and went to our local McDonald's drive-through.

The girl who took my order at the window was, much to my surprise, wearing a full-on black Burqa

The only thing I could see of her was her eyes

I went on and collected my order, still slightly amused by the girl in the ‘batman outfit'.

Last night, I thought that I'd give Hungry Jacks a go, so off I went to the Hungry Jacks drive-through

You won't believe what I was confronted with.

If you guessed that it was a girl with the full, wraparound burqa, with just the eyes peering out at me, you're correct, except this time, the Burqa was a soft, pastel type pink colour and not black.

The funny part was, I noticed a small blemish over her right eye

The McDonald's girl had the same mark

I was convinced that this was the same girl I'd encountered a week ago when I heard her voice.

“Didn't you work at McDonald's before?” I asked her.

“Yes” she replied as she looked me straight in the eyes.

“Why did you leave?” I asked.

She replied,”Because the Burqa's are better at Hungry Jacks!”