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Nasreddin Hodja’S Debt

Nasreddin Hodja’S Debt

Nasreddin Hodja was once brought before a judge by a man to whom he owed some money.

The creditor said to the judge:

“This man owes me 500 dinars which are long overdue.

I request your excellency to order him to pay me immediately, without further delay.”

“I do owe him money,” said Nasreddin Hodja, “and I intend to pay him

I'll sell my cow and horse if necessary, but it'll take time.”

“He is lying,” said the other man.

“He doesn't have a cow or horse or anything of value for that matter

I am told he doesn't even have food in his house!”

“When he knows I am so poor, O Judge,” said Nasreddin Hodja, “ask him how he expects me to pay him immediately.”

The judge dismissed the case.