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The Burglar Did Not Expect This To Happen

The Burglar Did Not Expect This To Happen

He turns on his flashlight and proceeds to the family room where he intends to start bagging small items and work his way up to the big items.

While he is beginning to collect valuables, he hears a voice…

“Jesus is watching.”

This startles the burglar, who quickly glances around with the flashlight but doesn't see or hear anything else.

The burglar shrugs it off and continues.

“Jesus is watching.” The voice states again, in a more warning tone.

The burglar shines his light in the direction of the voice and sees a parrot.

“Did you say that?” He asks.

“Yes.” The parrot replies.

“What is your name?” Asks the burglar.

“Moses.” Replies the parrot.

The burglar chuckles

“Who the hell names their parrot Moses?”

“The same guy that named his rottweiler Jesus.”