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The Friendship

The Friendship

Once upon a time there was a poor but very brave man called Ali.

He worked for Ammar, a rich old merchant.

One winter's night Ammar said:

“nobody can spend a night like this on top of the mountain without a blanket or food.

But you need money, and if you can manage to do that you will receive a great reward

If you don't, you will work for thirty days without pay”.

Ali answered: “tomorrow I shall do this test”.

But when he left the shop, he saw that a really icy wind was blowing and became scared, so he decided to ask his best friend, Aydi, if it was crazy of him to accept that bet.

After reflecting a while, Aydi answered:

“I shall help you

Tomorrow, when you are at the top of the mountain, look ahead.

I will be on the top of the mountain next to yours, where I will spend the whole night with a bonfire lit for you.

You look at the fire and think about our friendship – that will keep you warm

You will manage, and later on I shall ask you something in return.”

Ali won the test, got the money, and went to his friend's house:

“You told me you wanted some payment.”

Aydi answered: “Yes, but it isn't money

Promise that if at any time a cold wind passes through my life, you will light the fire of friendship for me.”